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Unknowable Fantasies: Talking and listening to bodies

With Tash Keddy and Oliver Gilbert.


Reading Group of Tash & Oliver's chosen texts. 

Mourning the Body as Bedrock: Developmental Considerations in Treating Transsexual Patients Analytically by Avgi Saketopoulou, and The Psychogenesis of a Case of Female Homosexuality by Sigmund Freud.

Sunday 30th August, 11:30am, via zoom:

Open conversation with Tash Keddy and Oliver Gilbert grounded in their chosen texts.

"By close-reading two texts that effectively bookend a history of psychoanalytic practice, this installment of Curriculum explores how systems bend towards social progress, and crucially, how they listen and evolve. The psychoanalytic goal of making identification tenable is seen in both texts as a mediation between outer and inner realities, freedom and restriction, desire and limitation, and poses the question of what psychoanalytic subjectivity can offer beyond the idea of sex and gender. These clinical accounts in conversation allow us to see how therapeutic practices play an important part in granting autonomy to an individual, with a specific focus on queer futures. Throughout our sessions, we’ll look at discursive and listening-based practices, therapeutics in 2020, and most importantly, what makes life in its totality worth living."


Email for the Zoom link.


Tash Keddy (b. 1995) is an artist and actor based in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland. They graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours in 2019. Recently, they have been Samoa House Library’s first Researcher in Residence.

Recent exhibitions include Grind House, PARASITE Gallery, Feb 2020, Desiderium: Contingent Bliss, Elam Graduate Show, 2019. Antidotes (In collaboration with Magdalena Hoult), Satchi&Satchi&Satchi, 2019, Under Your Skin You Look Divine, Basement Specialist Adult Store & Cruise Club, 2018, and Dirt Future, Artspace, 2017. They are a member of the Center
For Lacanian Analysis NZ.

Oliver Gilbert is studying for a Masters in Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents at AUT University. He has a sustained and focused interest in psychoanalytic theory, both in its clinical application and in the arts and humanities. He previously studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Honours, at the University of Auckland. The way in which children and adolescents interact with movies, TV, stories, books, video games, interactive technologies and of course art, are a particular clinical focus for Oliver.



Mourning the Body as Bedrock: Developmental Considerations in Treating Transsexual Patients Analytically by Avgi Saketopoulou

The Psychogenesis of a Case of Female Homosexuality by Sigmund Freud

"Consider the idea of fantasy - in what ways can it be generative or inhibiting?

Does treatment have to originate in pain/suffering?


What is the function of psychic pain in both

In what way does psychoanalysis contend with contemporary theories of gender and sexuality?"

Texts available via the above links or visit Samoa House Library for hard copies of each reading.

*curriculum* is generously supported by funding from Creative New Zealand.

Quoted text by Tash Keddy and Oliver Gilbert.

Poster made by Nadine Paredes.






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