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Call for proposals: Research Residency Programme 2022

Samoa House Library (SHL) is now accepting proposals from arts & arts-related practitioners for our Research Residency Programme 2022. There are 7 residency slots available each including a stipend of $5,000, open to individuals or groups. 

Practitioners from art or art-related fields will be given the opportunity to focus on their research practices in ways that are less outcome oriented. SHL sees research in an expansive sense, which could include anything from conversational to action research, project development, and scholarship. Residents should engage with the library and work with its resources, and may contribute to its programming or organisation. SHL is interested in supporting significant, urgent, and underrepresented areas of research; collectively oriented or situated projects; and projects relevant to the context of SHL (e.g. relating to a history of place in Samoa House or Karangahape, to our collection, to library/archival studies, institutional critique, etc). 

If your application is successful SHL will provide you with a stipend and other resources, alongside ongoing support from the SHL Subject Librarian and team as outlined below.


Round 1 applications due 31/01/22 for residencies to be completed in early to mid 2022. 
Round 2 applications due 15/05/22 for residencies to be completed in mid to late 2022.



What’s on offer


Residents will receive:

  • A stipend totalling $5,000, paid in installments. If applying with an ambitious project you can apply for $10,000 (the equivalent of two residencies)

  • A $500 materials budget. More material support can be requested on a case-by-case basis.

  • Support from the SHL Subject Librarian and team including regular meetings, research assistance, and administrative support. SHL can also purchase specific texts relevant to your project.

  • Mentorship from a practitioner of your nomination (who is remunerated up to 10 hours)

  • 24 hour access to SHL and the collection of 6000+ texts




Residencies will be organised on a case-by-case basis. Residents will be generally be expected to:

  • Complete 150 hours of research (300 hours for residents awarded $10,000)

  • Conduct the majority of your research hours at the library if possible

  • Attend regular meetings with SHL staff

  • Be willing to engage in conversation about your research

  • Write a brief written report upon completion




Your residency must be completed within 2022. The term of your residency will be organised in a way that is most beneficial to you. This could look like an intensive short period of research, or regular weekly research days over multiple months. 


How to apply

Proposals will be accepted in any of the following formats:

  • A written outline of your research proposal (approx. 1000 words)

  • A video recording (max. 15 minutes)

  • A 30 minute Zoom call including a brief presentation of your research proposal.


Proposals should include:

  • Your name(s) & contact details

  • An introduction to your proposed research interest and trajectory, including how your project relates to SHL if relevant

  • A proposed budget of your material costs and an indication of the stipend you are applying for ($5,000 or $10,000)

  • Examples of previous work if relevant

  • A short personal bio(s) and a collective bio if relevant

  • Rough dates to start and end your residency including an indication of how you will allocate your time

Please send your written or video proposals by email to If you would like to submit your proposal during a Zoom meeting please email us in advance to arrange a time. Calls will be scheduled for 31/01/2022 (Round 1) and on 16/05/2022 (Round 2).


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the application process further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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