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Kathryn Aucamp, 2018

Samoa House Library is constantly seeking and relying on donations of books to add to our ever growing collection.

Your donation will be recognized in name, citing you and your practice as a contributor to our collective knowledge resource.

Please contact us for a copy of our current wishlist if you would like an idea of what the public hope to have available at Samoa House Library.

We welcome any donations that will be useful, educational, and of interest to the arts community in Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa. While contemporary arts, theory, criticism, and philosophy are obvious candidates, we aren’t necessarily confining our collection to these areas. If you have something that falls outside these criteria but is the kind of material that you’d like to see in an expanded arts library, we would greatly appreciate it.


If you are interested in helping build this new resource please email us at to arrange delivery or pick up. When making your donation, there’s just a few things we need from you; your name, your contact details (email and physical address), any special conditions, and any other information that you want to give us about the material you are donating. Further information regarding the processing and care of your donations can be read here.


This year we need to raise $10,000 to secure the lease of our beautiful space at 283 Karangahape Road. This funding would ensure that Samoa House Library can continue to house its growing collection and facilitate further public programming. We are currently running a Boosted campaign as a means of funding our operations for 2019.


Samoa House Library is the first not-for-profit artist-run space in New Zealand of its kind, and we would love it if you would consider helping support its continued existence. We are incredibly appreciative of your donations and we look forward to seeing your name become a part of Samoa House Library.


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