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With Feeonaa Wall.



Wednesday 15th May 6:00pm



Saturday 18th May 2:00pm

An extract from

Arriving at the Fale of Pacific Sisters
I first entered < i tua >
through the back
Some would say I slipped
to where characters
of outrageous demeanour reside

< > < > < >

As time and space
settled between ourselves
I felt my way along < tilotilo >
all directions
of our diamond-shaped vortex
and its often strange
pulsating surfaces

All the while
under the watchful
but unspeaking eye of < Aitu >
that protect and shelter
layer upon layer
upon layer

Days and days
spent serving one another
all on the cool sprawl of thick springy mats
We conjured big energy for
<poula > our long-night dances
of multiplying gods and goddesses

Outsiders only catching
the shortest glimpse
of us holding firm around the fire
of a burning Tagaloa

BURN! < > < > < > BURN!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

• Core member: Pacific Sisters (20th Century vintage ongoing)
• Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) 2007, University of Auckland
• Diploma in Arts Administration 1996, University of Auckland
• Current member: Nesian Dance
• Former member: Dance theatre group, Torotoro / Hula Halau, Ka Waikahe Lani Malie
• Contributing Editor & Author: Mua i Malae: 30 Years of NZ's first Samoan bilingual class' Komiti o TInā 2017. Little Island Press
• Sample Swatch: Intellectual Fashion Show 2016
• Community Instigator: Gāfoa le Ata Samoan bilingual unit
• Mother of three children & keeper of one Burmese cat
• Currently showing, a retrospective exhibition:
Pacific Sisters: He Toa Taera|Fashion Activists|Auckland Art Gallery until July 14th

Feeonaa's selected texts 

The Samoa Islands: Vol 1: Constitution, Pedigrees and Traditions
by Dr Augustin Kramer, Translated By Dr. Theodore Verhaaren

Augustin Kramer's account of his sojourn in the Samoa Islands from 1897 to 1899. Contains original documents ceremonial greetings and genealogical pedigrees.

The Samoa Islands: Vol 2: Material Culture
by Dr Augustin Kramer, Translated By Dr. Theodore Verhaaren

This volume covers the ethnography of Samoa. Includes chapters on traditional art forms such as tattooing and weaving, medicinal remedies, cooking and other forms of material culture.

Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language

Old Samoa or Flotsam & Jetsam of the Pacific Ocean by John B. Stair

The Journal of the Polynesian Society


Curriculum is generously supported by Creative New Zealand.

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