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With Huni Mancini.



Thursday 2nd May 6:00pm



Saturday 4th May 2:00pm

Huni is a writer and information professional whose work explores the intersection of
information technology and indigenous communities. Her whakapapa is Tongan, from the
island of Niuatoputapu and village of Mu’a, and Italian, from the villages Monti and Grillara
in the Rovigo province.
She has an MA in Media and Film Studies from the University of Auckland, where she
completed a research thesis on the emergence of apps and video games to archive
Indigenous oral histories. She is working towards a PGDip in Information Studies at Victoria
Huni has worked as a Library Assistant at the Fine Arts Library and Architecture & Planning
Library since March 2018. She is currently the Pasifika Cultural Collections Assistant at the
Archive of Māori and Pacific Sound.
Huni exhibited work as part of New Perspectives with Simon Denny (Artspace, 2016), Dark
Objects (The Dowse, 2017), and published works in Diaspora Drama (2016), BackStory
(2018) and Lieu (2019). Huni currently completing a RM Archive Residency at RM Gallery
and Project Space. For this project she is working collaboratively with members of the Elam
art community to consider the role of embedded libraries on their practice. She shares an
interest in the relationship between knowledge and community versus an accelerating trend
towards disembedded knowledge, and how these different information contexts might
become embodied over time.

Huni's selected excerpts. 

Curriculum is generously supported by Creative New Zealand.

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